Program Evaluation (RMAF)

A Results-based Management and Accountability Framework or RMAF is sometimes referred to as a Program Evaluation Framework.  However, it is more than that.  

In assisting you to develop an RMAF, we would be providing the managers in charge of the program with a clear statement of their program that would allow them to plan, monitor, evaluate and report on the results throughout the lifecycle of a program, policy or initiative. 

Our approach to developing an RMAF is usually through a workshop format, involving a small group of key stakeholders to define the outcomes for your program and then the activities that would be undertaken to achieve those outcomes.  

We would then work with you to develop the performance indicators to be used to measure the outcomes and determine who would collect this information, how and when.  

Finally, we would describe the program including governance, resources, organizational structure, and incorporate this information, along with the logic model and performance measurement information in an RMAF report. 

We would then work with you over the life of the program to ensure that the data is collected, and that it is useful.  

If not we would suggest modification to the performance indicators as the program was being implemented to ensure that you were able to use the results collected, at the end of the program.  

We would analyse the data that has been collected and complete a program evaluation report for your use and the use of the funder, after the end of the program.

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